Links to helpful Westie sites
The American Kennel Club has information about many breeds with links to breed clubs and the site contains health, educational materials and suggestions for a wide variety of activities for
dogs and owners.
The WHWTCA also has a list of rescue coordinators. Rescue is a very important part of the Westie community. Many of the "rescued" Westies are there because they were referred by animal
shelters or were given up by "puppy mills" because they were not productive as a money-maker any longer. Other rescue Westies are in  foster care because their owners have died or can
no longer care for their pet. Westies are very resilient and adapt to new and improved circumstances very readily. Anyone looking for an adult Westie should definitely explore rescue.
The West Highland White Terrier Club of America has a list of local breeder referral coordinators but we are glad to help if we can.
This is the website with the most information about Westies. The West Highland White Terrier Cub of America is the parent club of a large number of regional clubs and links to these clubs
and to a wealth of breed specific information can be found here. Regional representatives who are knowledgeable about the Westie are listed here as well. Links to regional approved Westie
rescue groups are posted here.

Maryland Westie Rescue
Maryland Westie rescue serves a wide area of the Atlantic region. Visit their website if you are interested in participating in the care of rescued Westies and especially if you have room in your
heart and home for one of these special Westies.
The Westie Foundation of America is a separate organisation dedicated to improving the health of Westies. The WFA s  sponsors veterinary research in diseases prevalent in the breed and
publishes Westie health surveys at regular intervals. The WFA is developing a web-base "e-Book" devoted to common health problems and has a list of owner-recommended veterinarians
who have demonstrated special ability and knowledge in caring for  Westies.
The WFA on-line health book:
is an up-to date resource that you will find very useful.
Is an organization dedicated to providing funds for health concerns including medications for rescued Westies.
Their website includes a gift shop and a site to place memorials. Please visit and contribute!
Welcome to our website.
Here at Churchwarden Wesites, we occasionally have puppies for placement in carefully approved homes.We have
been breeding and exhibiting West Highland White Terriers since 1999. Our first Westie, Miss Tess, came from
Westie Rescue. She used to accompany us to dog shows when we helped out by ring stewarding.
After we asked a number of people for grooming advice and kept coming back, the local Westie breeders decided to
take a chance on mentoring us!.

We do not have a kennel and all of our dogs are raised in and live in our home along with our Old English Sheepdog,
CH Whisperwoods Winning Performance (“Bravo”). Bravo and Pippi are training to be Therapy Dogs.  
Both of us are Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluators and are active in the West Highland White Terrier Club of
America and in our regional club, the Chesapeake Bay West Highland White Terrier Club.

We recommend that prospective Westie owners do some research at the WHWTCA  site or in the library.
Westies are not the breed for everybody. Take the Westie test on the WHWTCA website, talk to other Westie owners.
Contact us: 410-241-7475
Fred Askin